New donation features have been added to Hope Spring Ecards previously, people can only donate using PayPal, we’re glad to announce the addition of two payment features Google Pay and Apple Pay to Hope Spring Ecards. This will make it easier for people to send an ecard on all devices and ensuring that there’s no restriction to donation.

The addition of Google pay makes it easier for Android users to send an ecard and donate. Android users don’t need to pay an extra transaction fee when using Google Pay, making it faster and easier. 

 Apple Pay makes it easier for Apple users to donate using Apple devices. Apple users don’t need to enter any piece of information making it much easier and secured to donate.

Paypal is still available for those who would love to donate using Paypal. It is also a faster and simpler way to make your donation.

Also recently, there’s a new addition to the father’s day ecard to ensure people celebrate their Dad with a variety of lovely ecard to choose from while maintaining social distancing. Also putting the cost of a card and stamp to better use. 

You can also send romantic birthday love to that special person in your life, have a look at one of our popular lovey-dovey ecard. The person you send a lovey-dovey ecard to will feel special. Sending an ecard is fast, easy, fun and safer.

You can find out more on ways you can get involved on Hope Spring get involved page