Trees have supported and sustained life throughout our existence, they have contributed greatly to every part of our community, from creating a healthier climate, absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, providing habitation to the world’s wildlife and helps slow the rate of global warming which are caused by burning of fossil-fuel.

We also plant trees to provide shade and beautify our landscapes. These great benefit of planting trees in our environment are unlimited. Trees reduces wind speeds protecting our houses, properties from been destroyed by wind. It also helps prevent flooding and soil erosion, absorbing thousands of liters of storm-water causing pollution in our waterways.

However, despite these huge advantages of trees, due to increase in population, climate change and other human activities, trees are been cut down and our forests been hacked, burned, and destroyed every minute which leaves the earth endangered.

At Hope Spring eCard, we are committed and dedicated to the earth’s reforestation. Your donation when you send an ecard to celebrate your loved ones helps us to continue our vital work of planting trees.

When you donate the cost of traditional card to us, we plant trees and help save the Earth from deforestation.

Send a card and Let’s plant a tree.