Charity Birthday Video eCards

Sending a Hope Spring charity birthday video ecard is simple. Select a video ecard, add a personal message, a donation and send! No subscription required. If you prefer to send a card, see available birthday ecards here.

Hot Charity Birthday Party Video eCard

Another Big Year is Finally Here Animated Birthday Video eCard

Send Charity Video eCard Wishing You Happy Birthday

Charity Birthday Video eCard It’s Your Birthday Yes It Is

Birthday Video eCard and Song Today is Your Birthday

Birthday Charity Video eCard With Fireworks Sound

Birthday Video eCard FAQ

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    What is a charity birthday video ecard?

    A charity birthday video ecards is a new and exciting way to send birthday greetings to your friends and loved ones, and make a donation to a charity in the process. It combines pictures, text and sounds into a powerful medium that delivers your birthday greeting effectively.

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    Can I personalise a birthday video ecard?

    There is a provision in the personal message section, to accompany your chosen birthday video ecard with a message for the recipient.

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    What is the difference between a video ecard and a video greeting card?

    This is a case of two words meaning the same thing. Some people refer to video ecards as video greeting cards. You can actually describe a way of sending greetings via a video electronically as an electronic video greeting card.

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    How does a recipient view a birthday video ecard?

    We send a message via email to the recipient, with a play button. When the recipient clicks the play button, the birthday video will play.

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    How can I make a video ecard?

    There are a number of ways to make a video ecard. We have saved you all the trouble by creating dozens of video ecards. All you have to do is choose the one you like most, add a message to it and send it to the recipient. But if you want to have a go yourself, contact us and we can help you create your own unique card.

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    Why send a Hope Spring video ecard?

    We offer a wide variety of creatively crafted birthday video ecards. They are designed by artists who are passionate about alleviating water poverty.

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    What percentage of my donation goes to charity?

    100% of your donation goes directly into funding Hope Spring clean water projects in Africa. Our video ecard platform is built on an open source application, WordPress, so no platform provider’s fees are taken from your donation.

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    Can I send a video birthday ecard for free?
    Yes you can send a completely free video birthday ecard to one person a year. To prevent the abuse of our platform, you need to be a registered member for at least 60 days before you can send a free ecard. birthday video ecard.
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    Do you do birthday video ecards as well?

    Yes we do, you can see a selection of our birthday video ecards here

Send a Hope Spring Charity Birthday Video eCard

Here are reasons and five Hope Spring Charity birthday video ecards you can send to your family, friends and loved ones. A birthday video ecard is quick to send, fun, different from a traditional birthday card or even a static birthday ecard. Go on and send one today!

1. Video animation of a wrapped birthday present

You should send this video ecard to someone who loves balloons! It is a video animation of a wrapped gift box, with ribbons tied around it. The box wriggles and then bursts open, revealing ballons and the words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Suitable for sending to any fun loving birthday guy or girl, aged 7 years and and above.

2. Animated birthday video of 4 children waving

This video ecard will be a great one to send to a birthday person, who loves children. It is a hand drawn stick drawing of four children, 2 girls and 2 boys waving their hands. Make a donation to Hope Spring charity after sending this video ecard. After all, donations made when you send this ecard goes to bring water closer to the homes of children, who will otherwise walk several miles a day, in Africa to fetch water

3. Video birthday ecard of yoyo like Happy Birthday message

This is a simple video animation or birthday message: Happy Birthday. Each letter of the message is suspended on a string, making an upward and downward motion. Suitable for sending to a birthday person of any age.

4. Happy Birthday video greeting of a lit candle

This video shows a Happy Birthday message, made out of a candle. In the video, a hand lit the candle, it burned for a while and it was blown out. Send this birthday video ecard to work colleague or a friend to wish them a happy birthday.

5. Birthday greetings in the wind animated video

This is probably one of the most exciting charity birthday video ecard in our collection. It shows a Happy Birthday message floating in the wind. Sparks of festivity light from sparklers shot in different directions, to illuminate the birthday message. This is a great birthday video ecard to send to someone who loves fireworks. With a few clicks of the button, you can send this video ecard to anyone in the world.