Without a doubt, the best way to send Valentine’s Day greetings to your sweetheart in 2021 is to send it electronically. There are a whole rafters of reasons why an electronic card is better than a traditional paper based card.  A few or the reasons being the speed, environmental factors and the convenience. Covid-19 and the precautions we have to take this day not to contract it such as social distancing and having to quarantine letters and parcels make sending a Valentine’s Day ecard the most sensible way to show you valentine that you care.

Now that it is clear that eCard is the best way to send Valentine’s Day greetings to that special someone. The next question is are Video eCards a better option than a regular eCard?  To some extent, the choice of video or graphic ecard will depend on the preferences of your valentine. However there are pretty strong arguments for choosing Video Valentine’s ecard over image ecards. Here are some of the arguments.

Video eCards gives you the works: picture, sounds and much more

The final argument that knocks a regular static ecard cold, when compared with a video ecard is the sheer number of media combined to make a video ecard. There are usually dozens if not hundreds of pictures in a video, sound, text messages and more.  The best you can have on a static ecard apart from the picture is a limited number of text. So without a doubt, if you want to impress your Valentine on February the 14th, the best greeting medium to send him or her a Valentine’s Day greeting is via a video ecard.

Valentine’s Day – ideas for videos you can make yourself

Of course we want you to send a Hope Spring eCard video to your valentine. You can also make a video with your phone just for your valentine. Here are some ideas for simple videos you can make with your phone.

Memories Video

If you use an iPhone or any other high end mobile phone, this will not be new to you. You can use the built in feature that identifies all the pictures of a person, and turn it into a timeline to create a special memory video and send it to your valentine. You can also send an actual, edited video of your valentine, send it to him or her.

Timeline Valentine’s Day video special

You can use a video or series of pictures stitched together to make a video of the timeline of your love for your Valentine.  Simply take video clicks of photos over the year since you have been together, stitch them together, and you have an amazing valentine’s day video for your partner.

Now that we got you started with creative ideas to make your own Valentine’s day video, there is no limit to what you can do with your imagination. You can come up with other ideas.  Happy Valentine’s Day 2021.