Valentine’s Day Video eCards : Send Email or WhatsApp

Brighten the day of your loved one by sending them a Valentine’s Day video ecard. Select from a huge range of cards that can be sent to your romantic interest, your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, someone who is just special to you. Hope Spring ecard is virtual hugs and kisses.You can send our Valentine’s Day video ecard by email or WhatsApp to your parents or grandparents, to show your love and affection for them.

Valentine’s Day Video eCard FAQ

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    What devices can the recipient use to view my Valentine’s Day video ecard?

    We will send a message via email to the recipient, with a play button. When the recipient clicks the play button, the Valentine’s Day video you sent will play.

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    I like the concept of a charity video ecard, but how much does a charity actually receive?

    You are making a donation directly to us; Hope Spring Water, not via a platform. That means your full donation (less charges by credit card processing company) comes directly to us. In other words, 100% of your donation.

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    How many times can my recipient view a Valentine’s Day video card I sent?

    Your recipient can view the video card you sent as often as he or she likes.

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    Are your Valentine’s Day video ecards hosted on YouTube?

    No, our valentine’s day ecards are hosted on our own private servers, not on YouTube.

Do you still have questions? See our full ecards FAQ pages

Happy Valentine’s Day Video eCards

A day such as Valentine’s day is too important to leave to chance, so from late January, you should start making plans, so that your partner will have a Happy Valentine’s Day. For young couples who have not been together for a long time, choosing a Happy Valentine’ day gift can be easy. However for people in a long term relationship, who have already exchanged many gifts for valentine day over the year, finding a new present on February 14th of another year can be challenging. That is why sending a Hope Spring valentine’s day video ecard is a new and exciting way to celebrate valentine day this year.

Whether you choose a valentine day ecard or a video ecard, personalise it with a message and make a donation to our charity. Your partner will certainly be impressed with your altruistic gesture and the lovely card. When you reach an important milestone, one of our anniversary ecards is the perfect way to mark it.

Funny Valentine’s Day Video eCards

We all love humorous cards. That is why dozens of Hope Spring video ecards and traditional ecards are funny. Anyone can send a card that says Happy Valentine’s Day, but how many people can take the time to select something that makes the recipient laugh out loud.

Choose one of our funny valentine video cards for the special person in your life, to make their day special.