Hope Spring for the first time added sympathy ecards to its fast-growing ecard site. Sympathy ecard is recently added to enable people to send a comforting and reassuring message to people who just lost someone or in their trying times. This addition will allow Hope Spring supporters and website visitors to send a sympathetic ecard to their friends and loved ones.

Sympathy ecard is sent to express one’s heartfelt condolences for a great loss. It shows the recipient that you care about them and you’re sad over the passing away of their loved one. It is a  reassuring ecard that they are not alone while they are dealing with pain or loss.

Although sending a sympathy ecard is not easy, people think for the right word to use that will be comforting however reaching out in sympathy is important. This will make a person in pain feel loved and not alone.

When to send a Sympathy card

Sympathy ecard can be sent when someone loses a dire friend or family member, it can be sent as a comforting message or a prayer when the unexpected happens. A sympathy or condolence card can be sent when the following happens

  1. Sudden death: such as Loss of a child, Loss of parent or sibling, Loss of a close friend, Loss of pet
  2. After a miscarriage
  3. When an unexpected happen: Accident, Surgery e.
  4. Job loss

A month ago, Hanukkah ecard was added to Hope Spring eCard to enable the general public to send a Hanukkah ecard to their friends and families being a popular Jewish festival. Eid ecard was also added to enable Muslim sisters and brothers to send Eid greetings to their family and friends.

Time is not a barrier to Sending a sympathy ecard. All that matters is that the recipient appreciates it. To send a sympathy ecard, visit Hope Spring ecard, select from the varieties of sympathy ecard, personalise your card, add a message, make a donation and send it to the recipient. It gets delivered instantly. And you can decide to schedule your card for later.

Some sympathy message

Thinking of the message to put in a sympathy ecard? These are some condolences and sympathy message

  • I’m sorry for your loss, sending love and wishing you comfort
  • It was sad to hear about the sudden loss of Ben, he was such a gentle soul, we’ll miss him so much too
  • Wishing you comforting prayers and healing in this difficult time
  • Saying goodbye to a wonderful father like your Dad is really hard, It was a privilege to meet him
  • Losing someone special is very painful and hard, I hope you heal at the right time
  • I wish you didn’t have to go through a loss like keeping your family in our prayers
  • Katie was such a lovely cat, so sorry you had to say goodbye
  • Sharing your sadness in this time, I hope good things comfort you and bring you healing
  •  I know this holiday won’t be the same without Mike, just want you to know you are in my thoughts
  • With healthful sympathy, we are shocked by the loss, just want you to know we share in your sadness.

Make your loved one feel they are not alone when dealing with a loss or pain by sending them a sympathy ecard!