Christmas 2022 eCards Sent by WhatsApp – Try it now!

Since the original post announcing this WhatsApp feature, we have developed and improved our WhatsApp eCard features. Now, you do not need to provide an email address to send an eCard. If all you have is a WhatsApp number, that is cool, just head to our WhatsApp eCard page and get started!

Why not send your Christmas eCard in 2022 with Hope Spring eCards WhatsApp ecards?. To get started just follow the link to our OUR Christmas WhatsApp eCard page.

You can now share your sent ecard to the recipient on Whatsapp. This is a cool ecard sharing feature  that you can use to notify your ecard recipient(s) that you’ve sent them an ecard without needing to wait for them to check their email inbox before they see or know they’ve received a greetings ecard from you. 


NOTE: You’re able to use the new Whatsapp sharing feature after you might have donated and sent the ecard via email. This new feature is optional and it’s for those that are not sure about how regularly the recipient checks their email inbox. 


Follow these steps to share the ecard to the Whatsapp contact:



Send the ecard via email:

  • Choose an ecard
  • Personalise it 
  • Donate and Send



Wait for the Thank You page to share the ecard on Whatsapp. 

  • Click on Whatsapp icon


Step 3:

  • Click on Continue To Chat

If you’re on PC and  don’t have a Whatsapp Desktop installed yet. You’ll be shown the page below:

Mobile users and those that already have Whatsapp Desktop installed and connected can skip this part and go to Step 4


  • Click on Use Whatsapp Web.


If  Whatsapp is not connected to your PC, watch this short tutorial here to do the connection. 


Step 4:

  • Select contact to receive the ecard

After selecting the contact and send, a link to where they can view your sent ecard and message will appear in their Whatsapp inbox as shown below:


When the recipient clicks on the link, a web page will open on their browser where they can see your sent ecard as shown below. 


Our ecard reply feature also allows the recipient to send a reply if they so wish. 


That’s all! Now start spreading love with Hope Spring eCards via Whatsapp!