Thinking of the best father day wishes to your Dad, son, grandfather, male relative or that special father figure in your life, why not send a Father’s day eCard. A father’s day ecard will show you can and will be much appreciated by the recipient.  

Father’s day celebrations differ in countries, In Australia is celebrated on the First Sunday of September. Father’s day Australia 2020 is on the 6th of September. People celebrate their Dad or father figure differently on Father’s day.  While some engage in physical visitation, some send greeting cards, flowers, luxury food and other men-like gift items. 

This is the Most popular ecard sent In the concluded Father’s day UK and US on Hope Spring ecard platform. It is a humorous card that appreciates the important role played by fathers. The card compared fathers to a swiss army knife, versatile and indispensable. The card recognises and honoured the roles played by fathers in the family and the society at large. 

Recently, Birthday video ecard starring African children also became popular. The video ecard starred some African children singing a happy birthday song in African style. They sang their birthday song dancing and demonstrating and sending warm wishes to the recipient.

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Thinking of some eco-friendly gift to get your dad this Father’s day Australia, these are some thoughtful gift ideas you can send to your Dad or that special Dad figure in your life. They will love it and be grateful for it. You can also celebrate your Dad this Father’s day by appreciating him with an awesome gift he would love.

Facts about father’s day Australia

  1. Australia did not initially welcome the idea of Father’s day
  2. Father’s day Australia is celebrated in a different month from that of UK and US
  3. In the recent digital age, father’s day gift is often searched for online
  4. About 20% of cards are given to husbands on Father’s day
  5. Annually, Australia spends about $660 million dollars on Father’s day
  6. There are over 4.6 father’s in Australia
  7. Father’s day became more popular in Australia during the 2nd world war
  8. Father’s day can be celebrated with the special male in your life even if you do not have a father.
  9. The number of Dads that love to stay home and spend more time with their kids has tremendously increased
  10. Rose flower is the orthodox flower for father’s day

Why not honour your Dad, relatives, friends and other special father figures in your life with a beautiful father’s day ecard this Father’s Day Australia celebration!