Schedule that Charity eCard today for delivery at a later date

Schedule an eCard for a later date

The best way to ensure you do not forget that important birthday greeting or even Christmas card is to schedule your ecard. Here is a quick step to scheduling a Hope Spring eCard.


  1. Go to an eCard category, for example Birthday  or Christmas. Select, personalise and add details of the recipient.
  2. Select the “Send on” check box, select a date, for example 24 December 2023 is selected in the example below.

3. Click on preview. Your eCard has been scheduled for a selected date. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. It does NOT mean your eCard has been sent that instant. 

Schedule ecard FAQ

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    How quickly can I schedule an eCard to be sent?

    Our eCard scheduling process is instant! You can select your desired date and time, and your eCard will be sent exactly when you want it to be.

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    Is there a limit to how far in advance I can schedule an eCard?

    You can schedule eCards for any date in the future. There’s no specific limit, allowing you to plan and send your greetings well in advance.

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    Can I edit the content of the eCard after scheduling?

    Once an eCard is scheduled, the content cannot be edited. However, you can cancel the scheduled eCard and create a new one with the desired changes.

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    Are there any additional fees for scheduling eCards?

    Our scheduling feature is typically included in the standard eCard service, and there are no additional fees for scheduling your cards in advance.

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    How do I schedule an e-card for a specific date?

    To schedule an ecard, simply choose the date and time you want it delivered during the card creation process and it will be delivered on the exact time.

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    What types of eCards can be scheduled instantly?

    You can schedule instant delivery for a wide range of eCards, including birthday wishes, holiday greetings, and more. Our platform offers diverse options to suit every occasion.

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    Can I schedule eCards for future dates as well?

    Certainly! In addition to instant scheduling, our platform allows you to schedule eCards for future dates. Plan ahead and let your thoughtful messages arrive right on time.


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    Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues with scheduling eCards?

    Absolutely! Our customer support team is available around the clock to assist you. If you have any issues or questions regarding scheduling eCards, feel free to reach out for prompt assistance.

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    Can I personalise the message on an instantly scheduled ecard?

    Absolutely! Customise your ecard with a personal message, and the recipient will receive it instantly with your special touch.

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    Is scheduling eCards secure and reliable?

    Yes, our scheduling system is designed to be secure and reliable. We prioritise the privacy and security of your information to ensure a seamless and trustworthy eCard scheduling experience.

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    Can I change the delivery date of my ecard?

    If you have already scheduled an ecard for delivery and wish to change the delivery date, contact our customer support for assistance.