London Christmas eCard


Hope Spring London charity Christmas eCards are almost as exciting as celebrating Christmas in London. They are beautifully and colourfully illustrated, just as Oxford street and the other West End streets are beautifully lit for Christmas. On this page, we bring you some of the most exciting London Christmas cards, so that you can personalise and send them to your friends and family. You are bound to find a London winter holidays greeting card that meets your needs, out of the best London charity Christmas electronic cards we listed below.

The Best London Charity Christmas eCards 2023

1. London Horse Guards in Snow Christmas Card

This is one of our favourite new winter’s greeting cards. Beautifully illustrated by our resident artist, the eCard shows three horse guards riding on a street close to Buckingham palace. This card will absolutely delight a royalist, a Londoner or anyone who just loves the pomp and pageantry associated with the royals and London. You can send this card by email or share it via WhatsApp.
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2. London Eye & Big Ben Winter Greetings

The London eye may not be as old as the Big Ben, but it certainly has become one of the most recognisable landmarks in London. In this creatively crafted charity Christmas greeting card designed for Londoners, the two landmarks are brought together. Other uniquely London landmarks such as tower bridge, a horse guard and other things that would make you fall in Love with London in winter are contained in this ecard. All you need to do is add your message, the recipient, and an email address or send it via WhatsApp and you are done!
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3. London Bus by London Eye Christmas Card

Santa in a London Bus

This card was created 4 years ago. Year after year, this simple but gorgeous eCard remains very popular. It shows an old fashion routemaster London bus, with the greeting Merry Christmas on its side. Some Christmas presents were strategically placed near the bus. You can see the London eye in the distance. All you need to send this popular London Christmas electronic card is to personalise it with your own greetings and send it by email or share it via WhatsApp.
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4. West End Christmas Lights eCard

An A-list celebrity tends to turn on the Christmas lights in the west end of London every year. The lights themselves are a work of art that really need no celebrity endorsement. Perhaps having a celebrity turn it on each year adds to the glamour. When the Christmas lights in Oxford and other streets of London are turned on, London becomes the epitome of the metaphoric bright lights and big city.
The 24 hours shopping, visits by children to see the Christmas lights turn London into a winter wonderland. All these and more are captured by this London eCard. Just add details of the recipient, add a Christmas message and send this ecard. You can send this Christmas card for free by making a donation to our water poverty alleviation Charity.

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5. A Cup of London Tea at Christmas Card

Whether it’s Christmas or not, Londoners and other Brits drink a lot of tea. These days, young Londoners drink more gluhwein at Christmas than tea. The traditional however still prefer their Christmas cuppa. That is why we have the lovely London Tea Christmas eCard for you. The cup contains the message Merry Christmas, with Santa and his sleigh zooming in the sky.
This London Tea Christmas card is just waiting for you to personalise and send to either someone who loves his cuppa, London or both. You can schedule this card before Christmas, for it to be sent on Christmas day or send it instantly!. To send this Christmas card by email, go here. To send it by WhatsApp, go here.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the London Christmas cards we have on this site, those are just the ones we really love more than the others. Please visit our London eCard page to see all our cards in this range. You may also want to see 10 of the best free charity eCards on this page.