So you have at least two opportunities this year to celebrate your mother; here in the US the official mother’s day is 9th of May. If like most of us, you would like to celebrate your mother at any given opportunity, then you may decide to join in celebrating your mother a second time in the same month, by joining the international mother’s day celebration, which happens on May 10th.
To help you choose the best video ecard to send your mother on Mother’s Day, we have curated some of the best Mother’s Day video eCards below. We hope you will send one of them to your mother to brighten her day on Monday’ Day, 9th of May.

Happy mother’s day video in flashing neon sign

This short sharp ten second video is straight to the point. I say the words Happy Mother’s Day in a colorful neon sign which flashes. Letters in the words then flash in different colour. It is a great video ecard to send you mother on Mother’s Day.

Every day is Mother’s Day video

Create a memorable day for your mother by sending her this short video ecard embedded with lovely words that further remind her how beautiful she has made your life and why you can’t stop to celebrate her everyday of your life.

Happy Mother’s Day flower for a happy mother

What would we do without our mums? They are our best friends and our biggest cheerleaders! Light up your mum’s day with this 16-second video ecard of red carnation flowers.

Mother’s Day video ecard for a compassionate mother

Our mothers are the most compassionate being in our lives while we were babies. For many of us that fact still holds up to the present moment. Show your mums how grateful you are for her compassion, love and protective nature with this amazing video ecard.

Wonderful sounds celebrating wonderful mother

Take some time to show your mom how special she is to you by sending her this Mother’s Day video ecard. Give her the opportunity to marvel in this wonderful sounds celebrating her wonderfulness.

The spirit of mothers’ video ecard

The spirit of mothers need to be lauded every day, Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to motherhood. Hence, we made you this 15-second video ecard that tells your mum how reliable and inspirational she has been to you.

Flower bud Mother’s Day ecard

Our mothers are our precious gifts. A powerful being in our lives. Send this lovely ecard video to your mum. She will surely admire the beauty and your gratitude to her for bringing you to this lovely world.

Good mother deserves everything video ecard

Let’s take a step back and think of the one who gave life to us. The pain she felt to give life to us. The life she gave. The love she taught us to give. Say “Happy Mother’s Day” to this greatest momma of all by sending her this lovely video ecard.

Hailing sound for great mother video ecard

A glorious sound for a mother that loves to be praised and acknowledged. But who doesn’t ? Celebrate this wonderful mum with this cool video blended with glorious sound. Your mum will definitely love it.