Mother’s day is a day to celebrate the most important and special person in your life. It’s a day to show how much you care and appreciate your mum for all she has done for you. While some might spend the whole day celebrating their mom other’s might just have a few hours to do that. Whatever the case may be, ensure you plan ahead, show her some heart of kindness and pleasant surprises that will wow her. Below are some ideas on what to do to make your mum feel special on mother’s day

1. Make a charitable donation on her behalf: If your mum loves making the world a better place, you can make a donation on her a behalf to help underprivileged girls and women around the world

2. Send her lovely charity mother’s day ecard: You can send your mom a lovely mother’s day ecard. You personalise the card by writing beautiful things about your mother and expressing your love and appreciation towards her. You donate the cost of a stamp to a charity

3. Join her in doing what she loves doing: Join your mum by assisting her with what she loves doing best. For a homely mum, joining her to bake or cook will be a fantastic one and she’ll be glad you did

4. Take her to exciting places she loves so much: If you want to give your mum a high life treat, you can take her to a top-notch club, take her to the spa, historic centres and other exciting places. 

5. Get her a gift: Everyone knows what their mother cherishes so much. Knowing that you can decide on the gift to get your mum

6. Make a nice portrait of her: Making a nice portrait of your mum is a great idea for mother’s day with a short heartfelt mother’s day message

7. Buy her a flower: You can never go wrong with flowers on mother’s day, get your mum a lovely flower that gives back to other mothers everywhere

8. Fun outing: All the members of the family can decide on a special outing in her honour Everyone says nice things and appreciates her.  Also engaging in activities everyone will enjoy

9. Get her a nice outfit: If your mum loves fashion, then you can buy her a nice outfit or T-shirt from a charity shop with unique customisation like Happy mother’s day, Sweetest Mum or any nice sentence. 

10. Breakfast in bed: Surprise your mum with a nicely prepared breakfast in bed, it will definitely put a smile on her face