Christmas 2020 was an exciting year for Hope Spring eCards. We launched over a dozen charity video ecards, many of which were a roaring success.  We are hoping to repeat the feat in 2021, by launching a new range of christmas ecards.  Some of the new Christmas video ecards are bound to be even more exciting. About half a dozen videos we are currently working on comes from  Africa.

We do not have a preview of the 2021 Christmas video ecards yes. We however have a list and  some description of the most popular  Christmas video ecards last year.

Top 5 Charity Video eCards 2021

Charity Christmas Video eCards

This simple Christmas video ecards, name simply Charity christmas video ecard is by far the most popular ecard.  It features a snowman with a magic wand. He proceeded to use the magic want to conjure a christmas tree complete with decorations, a star at the top of the tree and other Christmas paraphernalia.  A nice melodious tune accompanied the little snowman’s conjuring tricks.


Magical Christmas Video eCard

This video ecards brings all the magic of Christmas alive; Santa on a sleigh pulled by  6 galloping reindeers. Christmas trees popping up as santa travelled on his sleigh delivery christmas presents. The magical presents delivery was accompanied by a jaunty uplifting tune.  This video ecard was second last year, it will not be a surprise  if it takes the first slot in 2021. Also it was one of the top picks for the business Christmas eCards.


Turbo Charged Santa Delivery Greeting and Presents

This Christmas video ecard is a humorous card, of a rather turbo charged santa racing to a chimney, using a magic wand to conjure greetings and getting Christmas presents into the right chimney. One of our favourites are Hope Spring eCards. We hope it will be your favorite Christmas charity video ecard in 2021.


A Christmas table top swirl video ecard

If you like your Christmas video ecard to be a gentle, beautiful swirl, this is the video ecard for you. This  20 seconds video, started with a gengle opening music, a shooting star on a table top filled with Christmas decorations and gift boxes. It could also be sent as a corporate christmas ecard.


Simple digital christmas tree video ecard

When you talk about a no frills video ecard, this is what you are talking about. This ecard, along with music that started slowly and rose gently to a crescendo, culminating in a visual message that says Merry Christmas.  At under 20 seconds, this ecard is quite short but to the point. Many of our users found this video great, that is why it was the 5th most popular ecards last year, a feat it may well improve on in 2021.

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