Without a doubt, birthday ecards are the most popular eCards sent on Hope Spring eCard platform.  Awesome and generous people send birthday ecards every day, which means we received donations from birthday ecards all the time.  The second most popular source of our donations is the Christmas eCard

Anniversary eCards are the third most popular ecards sent on our platform, making it a part of our donations we cannot afford to ignore.  First of all, we would like to thank those generous souls, who consciously divide to make a donation to a charity, in lieu  of sending a wedding or other anniversary gift. Your donations are making a difference to the lives of the communities we work with to alleviate water poverty in Africa.

Now to the fun part of this post, which is where we reveal the most popular or should I say the most frequently sent charity anniversary ecards on our platform.  The ecard is unimaginatively named anniversary ecard number 5. But it is a rather stunning, stylish anniversary ecard.  The words “Happy Anniversary” have flowers, which appear to be hibiscus flowers growing from the words. This ecard was sent far more frequently than all the other anniversary ecards put together.

A picture of anniversary ecard 5 is posted at the top of this post, please visit the main page of anniversary ecard to see other anniversary ecards on our platform.