Today we can reveal the most popular ecard on Hope Spring eCards platform.  Our webmaster has gone through the logs and presented the ten most sent Mother’s day cards. The figure which was a combination of all the mother’s day ecards sent on UK mother’s day, or Mothering Sunday as it is called in the UK. Mother’s Day this year falls on Sunday, the 14th of March 2021. Our friends in the USA will be celebrating Mother’s Day on the 5th of May 2021.

We recently added videos to our Mother’s Day ecard range, find our more about Mother’s Day video ecard range here. In reverse order, here are the most popuar Mother’s Day ecards sent on our website

Mother’s day ecard number 10

Mothers Day Ecard

This charity mother’s day ecard was popular and most sent on Mother’s day USA celebration, probably because it aligns with their language ‘Mom’. It’s a simple but classy mother’s day ecard.

It has a black background, Mom is boldly written on the card with a peach petal flower circle design for the letter O. Happy mother’s day is written below the card. This card is perfect for a simple mother, she would indeed love the design.

Mother’s day ecard number 9

Mother's day ecard

Lovely Mother’s day ecard

This mother’s day greeting cards were mostly sent during Mother’s day USA celebration. It is a well-designed card, with a brown background and polka dot design. The card has a circle design with a pink love shaped all around the circle. 

Inside the card is a pink design, bright pink coloured flowers with green leaves. To the best mom, it is written inside the circle and Happy mother’s day written in white with a pink flower. This card has a unique and catchy colour combination that mothers would love.

Mother’s day ecard number 8

Mothers day card design, vector illustration.

Just like many people will say, you can never go wrong with flowers. This lovely flower is the 5th most sent mother’s day ecard. This card is simple but lovely in its looks.

It has a white background, and a rose flower nicely designed with a bow. Happy mother’s day is boldly written on the card with black and red colour. Below the card is a divider line which added more beauty to the card.

Just as most people love flowers, this card is a great card to say thank you to a mother, sister or grandmother.

Mother’s day ecard number 7

A sweet card for Mothers Day with cats.

This card is the 7th most sent mother’s day greeting cards. This ecard is perfect for a feline lover mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, friend or daughter.

It has a blue background. Happy mother’s day is written on the card, with a hand-drawn cat with white, brown and other colours.

Mother’s day ecard number 6

Hand drawn mother’s day ecard

This hand-drawn mother’s day greetings card is the 6th most sent Hope Spring charity ecard 2020. The card has a white background, with a lot of hands made designs

At the top of the card is drawn the sun in yellow and a sky design in blue. Happy mother’s day is boldly written below the design with multiple colours which beautify the card more.

Below the writing are two flowers coloured in red and yellow. In between the flowers are green painted grass-like designs.

This card depicts that period you were young and wanted to get your mother a handmade gift. This will surely put a smile on the face of the recipient.

Mother’s day ecard number 5

Colourful flowers mother’s day ecard

This brightly coloured mother’s day ecard is one of the most sent ecard from Hope Spring charity ecard. It has a peach background, with a lot of nicely coloured flowers. At the centre of the card is a loved shaped sign with Happy Mother’s day written. 

The card conveys a message of love and cares for a mother.

Mother’s day ecard number 4

Happy Mothers Day. Hand-drawn card. Vector illustration

This hand-drawn card has a white background with a nicely designed flower coloured blue, green and pink. Happy mother’s day greeting written on the card.

Mother’s day ecard number 3

A beautiful Mother and a young girl

Mother’s day is a unique day to honour, celebrate and appreciate mother’s for all the sacrifices they’ve made. This Mother’s day ecard depicts the love of a mother for a child. It’s a homely mother’s day ecard

It has a white background, with the image of a little girl and her mother full of smiles on their faces and hugging each other. A lovely flower is presented to the mother, with the little girl holding a nice pic and green designed card. Happy mother’s day is written on the card

This mother’s day ecard will bring back pleasant memories to a mother especially those time they play with their children

Mother’s day ecard number 2

Mother’s day greetings card

This brightly coloured mother’s day ecard is the 2nd sent Hope Spring Mother’s day charity ecard. It has a great design and depicts a mother’s day gift package.

It has a red background, with freshly designed flowers put in a bottle with a red ribbon design tied beautifully around the bottle. Beside the bottle is a nicely packaged brown gift box.

At the right side of the bottle is a card with a white background, on the card are nicely designed flowers in different colours. Happy Mother’s day is written below the card giving it a nice look. 

Mother’s day ecard number 1

Happy Mother’s Day floral greeting

The ecard is the most sent mother’s day ecard 2020, making it the number #1 most popular card on Hope Spring Mother’s day charity ecard. The card is unique in its look and design. 

It has a sky blue background and dotted signs around the flowers. The card flowers are colourful with a mixture of different colours, ranging from blue, green, white red among others. 

Happy mother’s day is written in blue on a white background design around the flower. Two love designs are placed by the side of the writing.  This cool and nice design will put a smile on the faces of every mother’s sent it to.