Send a Happy Kwanzaa eCard

Celebrate the pan-African holiday of Kwanzaa by sending a Hope Spring charity Kwanzaa ecard to your friends, family and anyone else who celebrates Kwanzaa.  Donation you made from sending a Kwanzaa ecard is used to alleviate water poverty in Africa.

Happy Kwanzaa eCards

Animated and Video Kwanzaa eCards

You do not have to be black or an African-American to send a Kwanzaa ecard. Kwanzaa’s popularity meant it is now a pan-African celebration, celebrated around the world in the African diaspora.  Celebrate the spirit of this joyous festival by sending your friends, family or work colleague a Kwanzaa ecard. 

Hope Spring eCards is a UK based water charity that works in Africa. Donations made to send your Kwanzaa eCard are used to fund clean water projects in West Africa. You can also send a winter solstice or a Christmas ecard this December.