Hope Spring Greeting cards can brighten up the day for anyone within moments. But, when sending greeting cards is associated with charitable work, everything just gets a whole lot better.

Electronic cards are the new normal

Over the years, eCards have become increasingly popular in recent times as they offer a faster and more convenient way of sending greetings while also having a relatively low impact on the environment compared to traditional cards. However, getting the best ecards that do not compromise the intended message can be sometimes difficult. This is where Hope Spring eCards have been able to make a lot of difference in recent times, a claim that has been substantiated with their newly introduced Father’s day ecards.

At Hope Spring ecards we strive to make a difference

HopeSpring Ecards have been able to make a difference in the last couple of years in the world of online ecards. This is why the ecard website has witnessed a surge increase in its use over the last few months. Apart from its collection of carefully designed colourful ecards, Hope Spring ecards is a blend of creatively and uniquely designed hand-drawn, perfectly created animated graphics that suit all occasions, events, greetings and holidays. The ecards also enable one to customise a message to the recipients. The website hosts a collection of occasion ecards which includes Birthday ecards, Father’s Day ecards, Mother’s day ecards, Christmas ecards, Baby announcement ecards, Easter ecards.

Hope Spring eCards is a perfect platform for people in different parts of the world to send greetings to family, friends, colleagues, or business contacts and the soon to be launched Christmas cards will feature animated video ecards as well as traditional ecards to celebrate the season. The platform also enables customers to give life and contribute to making the world a better place by spending on a good cause like poverty alleviation. The proceeds of the Christmas ecards goes a long way in actualizing Hope Water charity work in Africa, particularly in this COVID-19 period when raising funds is quite difficult.

The proceeds of the Christmas ecards will help to contribute a great deal in alleviating water poverty in Africa.
Aside from the ecards company effort to help brighten up people’s day with its beautiful colourful and video ecards, the Uk based company has contributed tremendously in alleviating water poverty and increasing productivity by using the proceeds generated from the ecards site to help build bore-holes and wells in water lacking communities in Africa. As well as empowering youth through water, Sanitation and Hygiene education.

One of such water charity projects sponsored by the ecards charity company is the newly commissioned community bore-hole in Sierra-loan.

Here is a short clip of the commissioning of the video

How do we spot these water lacking communities?

The ecards communities work with a collection of teams and volunteers that spots or finds African communities and villages that are in dire need of water, partners with community leaders that see to the eventual success of such projects.

We also collaborate with other organizations like SuS Pads to relieve period poverty by empowering girls and women by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to manage their monthly cycle sustainably.

What inspires our charitable work?

In Africa today, it is a fact that reduced access to clean water and sanitation constitutes a significant factor to high mobility and mortality rate among women and children. Without access to clean water, the possibility of breaking out of the circle of poverty, particularly for women and young children under the age of five seems impossible.

Having realising these facts, we committed ourselves to contribute our little but impactful quotes to alleviating water and period poverty and increase productivity particularly among women and children in Africa.

You can also become a hero with just a click

Become a hero by contributing to a charitable cause of providing water to unprivileged communities in Africa just by sending Hope Spring eCards to close friends, family, and colleagues.
If you send a Hope Spring ecard father’s Christmas ecard to your loved ones, it will demonstrate how thoughtful and how you care about the climate and your stance in making the world a better place. You are not only sending him father’s day greetings, but you are also making a contribution to alleviating water poverty.