New parents are always excited to announce the birth of a new baby, to their families and loved ones. They can’t hold back the good news, sharing it is part of the fun. Here are some classy and memorable ways to announce the arrival of a baby.

Ways to announce the birth of a baby
1. Phone calls: While some can’t keep the bundle of joy to themselves, they call everyone far and new to introduce the birth of their new one
2. Social media: This is a great platform to announce the arrival of a baby, it will reach a large audience. Ensure you include the name of the baby, sex, place and date of birth
3. Throwing a party: While some have a party prior to the baby’s birth, other’s throw a big party after birth to announce the birth of the baby
4. Sending a baby announcement eCard: This is fast and reaches multiple audiences quickly, go to a site with a baby announcement card, select a card personalise and send the card.
5. Email announcement: This is a fast and efficient way to introduce the birth of a baby
6. Letterboard announcement

Why you should announce the birth of a baby via an eCard
1. It saves time and energy
2. You can send to multiple people at once
3. It’s kind to the environment
4. You contribute to a good cause
5. It’s less stressful

If you are using an eCard to announce the arrival of your baby, we recommend using our charity baby announcements ecards,   video birthday ecards or static birthday ecards.

Words to announce a baby’s birth
There are several words and phrases to announce the birth of a baby. To make this unique, you can add the name, gender, baby’s picture, place of birth or date of birth of the baby. These are some examples.

Social media:
1. Welcoming a little one(baby’s name) to the world
2. We’re parent’s now, we are pleased to announce an addition to the family
3. Can’t hold the great news, (baby name) arrived right in time
4. It’s a baby boy!
5. It’s a dream come true welcoming (name) to the world
6. A cute little one just arrived
7. We’ve been expecting, (baby name) has arrived
8. Introducing (Baby name) to the world
9. Big news! Announcing the arrival of our baby girl
10. (Baby name) decides to make an early appearance

Email Baby announcement
1. We are delighted to announce the birth of a new diva(Baby’s name), celebrate with us
2. We (Parents name) are glad to welcome our bundle of joy, she arrived earlier
3. An official announcement of newest addition (baby’s name) arrived on (birthdate)
4. A new child to love, we are pleased to announce our dream will come true. (Baby name) is here to say hello
5. It’s a special one as we welcome a new (boy/girl) to the family