<h1> Pig Ecards </h1>

Hope Spring announces the launch of new pig ecard for pig lovers around the world. Although Pigs varies in breed, however, there are some generic features of pigs. Pigs are nice creatures, and one of the most social and intelligent farm animals. Like humans, Pig are omnivores they eat varieties of food both plant and animal origin. Relative to its body size, pigs have small lungs so many people like to keep pigs as pets. Also, in many parts of the world pig is an important source of meat.

According to the trustee Temi Odurinde ‘The increase in the number of pig lovers has inspired the launch of this new ecard’ This will make it easy to send varieties of pig ecard to pig lovers. Hope Spring Pig ecard will delight your pig loving friend or colleagues. If you need to wish your pig loving Dad, Sister or Mum a happy birthday, you should do it with one of our pig ecards. Visit this page to select the pig ecard of your choice.

Interesting facts about Pig

  1. Pigs have no sweat glands, so they can’t sweat. They prefer to roll around water or mud to keep cool
  2. Pigs are intelligent and smart higher than dogs and young human children
  3. Pigs communicate with each other using grunt
  4. Pigs remember things for years and can recognise objects
  5. Pigs have about 15,000 taste buds while human has 9000
  6. Pigs are peaceful animals and rarely show aggression the exception is when (the sow) and the offspring is threatened
  7. Pigs drink up to 14 gallons of water every day
  8. Pigs have amazing sense of smell
  9. There are about two billion pigs in the world.
  10. Newborn piglet can recognise their name by the time they are two weeks old