Dog with cupcake


It’s official! At team Hope Spring eCard team meeting this week, we adopted what we call a funny birthday dog charity ecard as our card of the month, for the month of September 2021.  You just need to have a look at the dog, posed in front of a cake with a single candle, with front paws on either side of the birthday cake to see how funny this ecard is.    That is without taking in the dog’s colour coordinated yellow top hat and yellow glasses. 

The dress sense or shall we say how this dog was dressed for the picture is bound to elicit a chuckle from the birthday guy or gal who receives this ecard as a birthday greeting card.

The funny  dog ecard is one of more than fifty ecards that feature one or more dogs. We even have a dedicated page that brings all our dog themed ecards together right here. If a terrier like a Jack Russell is not your favorite dog, then check out the link above for cards featuring other dogs including Pug, a bull dog and other breeds. 

It is said that there are dog people and cat people. Though this page is about our card of the month which happened to be a funny dog ecard, we have not forgotten cat people, we have our cats ecard pages right here.  Keep reading our blog, there is a high probability we will make a cat ecard our card of the month before the end of this year.

Please visit our homepage and use the search function to search for “dog” to discover more dogs themed ecard on our website.