Flower Powered eCards: Roses, Tulips and other Floral

Everyone loves flowers, roses, fullips, hyacinth and floral delights. It is then not a surprise that one of our most popular eCards is powered by flowers. So if you need to send a card for any occasion, you could choose one of our floral delights, add greetings and send.

A dozen roses in a bunch birthday greeting

Whey not say happy birthday, with this lovely ecard featuring a dozen red roses. This ecard is perfect for someone who loves roses. Just add the greetings you wish to accompany the card to the recipient’s inbox and click send. This bunch of virtual roses will thrill and delight him or her.

A bouquet of mixed flowers

This lovely carefully arranged bouquet contains a mixture of flowers. It is the most widely sent flowers at Hope Spring ecards. Just a few words of greetings to accompany it and it is the perfect ecard for a birthday.

Gorgeous crisps red roses

One of the beauties of red roses is that they are versatile. This was originally created as a mother’s day ecard. But who would not love to receive this gorgeous bouquet any day of the week? Simply personalise the card with words and the occasion the recipient is celebrating.

Uniquely arranged bunch of roses

If flower arranging were a sport, this bunch of uniquely arranged bunch of roses will win first prize, which makes it the perfect card for any occasion. Just personalise it with a unique heartfelt greeting and send!

Cosmos the colourful flower for all occasions

Cosmos followers are one of the most under appreciated flowers. This colourful flower is beautiful and has a wide variety of uses and appeal. This lovely cosmos card will thrill and delight the recipient of the card.

Flower eCards: Animated and Video Flower powered Charity eCards

Many of our customers sent bouquets of roses with an anniversary ecard. Others choose the tulips as a special birthday ecard. The flower you choose is up to you, we bring you a wide selection below. The donation you made with your chosen flower ecard goes to Hope Spring water charity.