Father's Day ecards

Father’s Day ecards

Mothers day was a few months ago, now it is time to send a father’s day greetings to you dad. More cards and gifts are sent on mother’s day, than on father’s day. If you send card and or gift on fathers day, here are some gifts you should consider sending your dad. Naturally, we will like you to send a Hope Spring ecard with the gift you send your your dad on Father’s day.

Ethical and thoughful gifts for your dad on Father’s day

  • A Hope Spring ecard plus a donation for clean water project. This is probably one of the best gifts you can give your father. Choose one of our ecards, make a donation to Hope Spring water and we will send an email to your dad, to let him know the awesome gift of clean water you have just given people struggling to access water in Africa.
  • Change the world by how you shop – Find a collection of ethical father’s day gifts on this page. There are more than 20 excellent father’s day gift idea on this page, carefully selected by the site curator..
  • The Green Lady Eco Store – You can buy bamboo paper potter, if you dad is into gardening. Other bamboo products on the site include bamboo socks, bamboo and safety razor. And for a vegan dad; vegan shaving brush, recycled vegan wallets or a vegan friendly belt.
  • Lost Shapes – Some funky sustainably sourced hand painted T-shirts and other clothing.
  • Is your father a vegan and into arts? A gift box from The Art Ifing may just be the perfect father’s day gift. It contains the following mix:
    cruelty-free art materials, such as watercolours, pencils, crayons, art paper and inks. The box also contain gorgeous vegan treats.

  • Hedge and Hog prints – A wide range of beautifully designed prints and father’s day cards. You can personalise some of the prints to suit your dad.
  • NYR Organic – There is an organic cologne, made from a blend of the following essential oils: bergamot, grapefruit, balsam, coriander, clary sage, basil, galbanum, bay, English lavender, balsam fir, Aztec marigold, eucalyptus and yarrow.
  • Coromandel Coast – If your father is a coffee buff, how about a subscription for him to sustainably grown coffee?

Father’s day gift that does not involve spending money

Sometimes the best father’s day present you can give your dad, will not cost you a penny. Here are some father’s day gift ideas that will not cost money.

  • Does your dad have a favourite dish, why not cook him his favourite meal?
  • Does your father enjoy your company, but you are usually too busy to spare the time? Make time for him as a father’s day gift.
    Does your dad follow football or any other sport? watch his favourite team play with him.
  • Are you the remote control custodian in your home? as a father’s day treat, let you dad have more time that usual on the remote control.
  • Does your father prefer talking on an old fashioned telephone, instead of instant messenger apps? Treat him to a good old fashioned voice call on the telephone, instead of a chat on an app.