Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Hope Spring ecards.
How much do ecards cost?
We suggest that you make a donation equivalent to what it would have cost you to purchase a paper card and postage stamps. Of course, we would be delighted if you donate more than the cost of a card and postage. Your donation will be collected on a secure payment page.
Can I send to a large list of email addresses?

Yes, you can. You can upload a spreadsheet with a list of email addresses you want to send an ecard to. This service is only available to corporate users who want to send bulk ecards to their staff or customers. You can find out more information about this on this page – Corporate Christmas Ecards.

My ecard didn’t reach my recipient, what went wrong?
We get this question during the Christmas period. Due to high volumes of activity, your recipient may experience a delay receiving your ecard and your confirmation may be slightly delayed.
I wish to resend an ecard to the correct email address this time; do I have to make another donation?
No, you do not have to donate again. Just contact us and we will give you a token that bypasses the donation stage of the ecard sending process.
Can I upload a logo or an image to my ecard?
Yes, you can. This feature is, however, only available to corporate ecard senders. Find out more information about corporate ecards here
I haven't received my confirmation email yet?
There can sometimes be a short delay with emails being received (both for sender and recipient), you can be sure that your confirmation will arrive if your email address is correct. If you still have not received your confirmation email after 3 hours, please contact us, via our contact page, providing your details and we will look into it for you.
How do I reset the password to my Hope Spring eCard dashboard?
Please visit this page, to start your password recovery process.
What is different about your charity eCards?
We are actually a registered charity, not a platform like many of the other “charity” ecards websites .
How much of my donation does the charity receive?
100% of the donation you make goes into funding our clean water projects.
Can I send my charity eCards by email?
Yes, after personalising the ecard you chose, it will be sent by email to the recipient and a copy will be sent to you.

Can i send my charity ecard via social media?
The default setting of our ecard is via email, users who want to share their ecard via social media can do so via the copy of the ecard sent to them.

How can I set up my ecards to be automated?
-Select eCard
Choose a card for the right occasion.

– Add a personal message
Personalise selected eCard with a unique message to the recipient.

-Send an ecard
Add as little or as much donation as you like. We suggest a minimum donation of what a traditional card and stamps would have cost. Now send!

-To schedule an ecard for future date
Click “Send on” button and choose for the future date

I have sent a charity eCard, I have a question?
-The recipient has not received my ecard?
Sometimes eCards arrive in a folder in the recipient email app, other than the inbox. Please ask the recipient to check the spam folder.
-I need to reset password to my account?
Please visit the account login page, which can be found here. Click on the lost password link and follow the password reset instructions.
I represent a business, can we use your charity ecard?
-Can I add a logo or an image to my ecard?
Yes, you can. This feature is, however, only available to corporate ecard senders. Find out more information about corporate ecards here

My question is about animated or video charity eCards
-What is the difference between an animated and a video card?
Animated ecards are made from stitched together pictures such as gif, video ecards are made with moving pictures. Another difference is that animated ecards are send to your inbox, while video ecards play on our server.

-Will the video eCards play when sent through Email?
Yes, there will be a “Play” call to action link in the email announcing the video ecard to the recipient.

-Can animated eCards be viewed on IPHONES or IPADS
Yes, animated ecards can be viewed on all devices.

-Can I personalize my eCard animation?
You can add words and emojis to the section of the eCard sending process, where you are invited to personalise your ecard

General questions about charity eCards UK
-What is the difference between ecards.hopespring.org.uk and HopeSpringeCards.com ?
We get a lot of support from our American friends, so we created HopeSpringeCards.com to make it easier for them to use our charity eCard platform. Some of the differences include the ability to donate in USD, Americanised spelling in some of our ecards.

-What is the difference between a Hope Spring Gift Card and a Hope Spring eCard?
The gift cards are fixed sums of donation you can make, starting from about £30, eCards are regular greeting cards like greetings you can send to wish someone a happy birthday, happy anniversary etc.

-Tell me more about your privacy policy?
We do NOT sell or share your details with any organisations. You can read our full privacy policy here.

-I have more questions, how can I contact you?
You can use the chat app at the bottom of every page on our site or visit our contact us page.

-Why send a Hope Spring Charity eCard?
There are a myriad of reasons why you should send a Hope Spring eCard. Top reasons include getting your greetings to the recipient instantly, supporting a good cause and reducing your carbon footprint. Sending an eCard is arguably more environmentally friendly than sending a traditional card.

-What percentage of my donation goes to charity?
We are actually a registered charity, our volunteer created this platform for us, to help with our fundraising, so 100% of your donations goes directly into funding our clean water projects in Africa.

-How many recipients eCards can I send one eCard to?
You can send a copy of your ecard to four additional recipients. Be aware that personalisation may not be as effective as when a card is sent to a single recipient. We usually increase the number of recipients in December, for Christmas eCards.

-How would I know that my card was delivered?
You will receive a copy of the eCard you sent instantly, your recipient should receive the eCard at the same time. You can always check whether your recipient has opened their eCard by login into your personal control panel on our site to track the status of your eCard.

Can I personalise my eCard?
This is one of the exciting features on our platform. There is now limit to the number of words you can use to personalize your eCard.

How can I view the eCards I send?
Login to your dashboard on our site (we would have already sent your password).
In the dashboard you will click on “Delivery report”.

Do you have more questions about our eCards?
Please visit our FAQ pages.

Still need help?