Birthday Ecard

Purple lavender. Floral botanical flower. Watercolour background illustration set. Frame border ornament square.


Thinking of an ethical way to send  birthday greetings, Christmas ecards  and other types of greetings  to your loved ones? Hope Spring donation ecard is the best choice.Hope Spring donation ecard, is a charity ecard that meet your needs. You can access and send a Hope Spring ecard any time!  Guess what? You can also make a donation to Hope Spring charity, in lieu of the ecard you send. 

Hope Spring donation ecard is easy to send, just click on this link, it will take you directly  to send an ecard page. There is a choice  of ecard for various occasions. Select the one that meet your needs, personalise it, add the recipient’s email address, add a donation, click send and voila! The ecard will sent instantly. .

Sending a donation ecard  saves time. With a few clicks on the keyboard or the press of a few buttons on your smartphone, the ecard is sent. Compare that with sending a traditional card: you leave your house to buy a card, buy a stamp, and get it posted. 

Other than the convenience of sending a donation ecard it is more environment-friendly than a paper based card. A number of trees are cut down to create traditional cards. This is not necessary when you send an ecard, so you are saving the trees. .

By sending  Hope Spring donation Ecard,you are contributing to a good cause.  Money raised from our ecards is used to fund clean water poverty in Africa, and other water poverty alleviation projects.