Dog Cards

Beagle Dog eCard

Share Beagle love with adorable eCard collection. These greetings bring smiles and wagging tails to your loved ones.







Border Collie Dog eCard

Send Border Collie-themed eCards to celebrate special moments, birthdays, or simply to bring a smile to someone’s face.






Dalmatian Dog eCard

Send Dalmatian-themed eCards for birthdays, holidays, or just to brighten someone’s day. Start spreading smiles with delightful Dalmatian Dog eCard today!






Daschshund Dog eCard

Explore delightful collection of Dachshund Dog eCard to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.






German Shepherd Dog eCard

Send eCards with a German Shepherd theme to commemorate important events, birthdays, or simply to make someone’s day.





Jack Rusell Dog eCard

Send these adorable eCard to Brighten someone’s day with the lively spirit of Jack Russell Dogs through eCard today.





Labrador Dog ecard

Discover the world of Labrador Dog eCards, where unconditional love and wagging tails come to life in every heartfelt greeting for your loved ones. 




Pug Dog eCard

Share the cuteness of these lovable Pug dog eCard feature these endearing companions in heartwarming designs to celebrate special moments.



Scottish Terrier Dog eCard

Step into the world of Scottish Terrier Dog eCard, where you’ll find charming greetings infused with the unique charm of Scotland’s favourite terrier.



Springer Spaniel Dog eCard

With these Springer Spaniel eCard, you can instantly brighten someone’s day by sending a virtual grin, a happy birthday message, or just a kind hello.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog ecard

Share a virtual hug, a birthday wish, or a simple hello with Staffordshire Bull Terrier eCards and let their spirit brighten up your messages today.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog ecard

Step into a world of elegance and canine charm with White Swiss Shepherd Dog eCards to celebrate special moments.

Jack Russell Dog Fetching a Stick eCard

Send this cute new addition to our dogs charity ecard collection. This dog picture is a hand drawn and digitally enhanced picture of a Jack Russell fetching a stick. Fetch is one of the most popular games dog owners play with their four legged friend.

Adorable beautiful Pug birthday card

A cute Pug gazing up adoringly wishing you on a happy birthday.

Funny funky Pug happy birthday eCard

A cute, colourful Pug with a birthday hat and balloon wishing you a happy birthday. Pugs are a cute and adorable dog breed popular worldwide.

Cartoon of a Boy and his Dog

Skilfully drawn cartoon of a boy and his dog. Happy Birthday written in capital letter on top of the ecard.

Cute Small Brown Dog eCard

Photograph of a cute brown dog, no messages on the dog. Ideal for personalising with your own message. This photograph can be send as a birthday ecard or for other occasions.

Colourfully Dressed Jack Russell Card

This funny dog birthday ecard is idea for a dog lover with a sense of humour. Its the picture of a Jack Russell wearing a hat, bow tie and spectacles.

Two Pug Dress in Bow Tie

Two cute pugs, one dressed in black bow tie, the other in a red bow tie.. The perfect ecard to send to a pug or other dog lovers. Suitable as a birthday card of greetings for other special occasion.

Hello Jack on The Phone

Picture of a Jack Russel dog, holding a phone with its left paw. A funny birthday ecard to send to a dog lover.

A Cool Looking Pug in Sunglasses

A Pug in sunglasses, looking cool. Ideal birthday card to send to a dog lover.

Happy Birthday Poodle Cartoon

Cartoon drawing of a poodle, wearing a hat, with a bone and a happy birthday message.

Stylish Poodle Cartoon

Cartoon drawing of a poodle, wearing a birthday hat. It has a Happy Birthday message and a cake.

A Very Beagle Birthday to You

A beagle with birthday paraphernalia, including balloons, party hat and a vuvuzela.

Two French Bulldogs

Two French bulldogs with wrapped birthday gifts.

Comical Drawing of a Dog

Comical cartoon of a cross eyed dog, showing a lot of teeth. It includes the message, Happy Birthday.

Dog of a Lion

Cute drawing of a dog, possibly a lion with the message Happy Birthday.

10 Dog Happy Birthday Salute

Cute cartoon of ten different dog breeds, with a Happy Birthday message in the middle.

Send Dog Birthday Ecard

The dictum that says there are dog people, and cat people is not absolutely right. Some people have no difficulties whatsoever, loving dogs and cats. We certainly do at Hope Spring Ecards that is why after creating a cat birthday ecard page, we decided to create a birthday ecard page, just for dog lovers (and cat lovers, who also love dogs).

If you friend, family or colleague is a dog lover, and his birthday is just around the corner. Why not send him or her one of our lovely dog birthday ecards? We have more than a dozen dog themed ecards you can choose from. Some of the ecards comes with words, others are blank. Whichever card you choose; it can be personalized with your message before it is sent to the recipient.

We also have Cat and Dream Catcher collections & video birthday ecards.