Lady and gentleman pug puppy dogs

Lady and gentleman pug puppy dogs


The symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs existed for thousands of years, Dogs are one of the first domesticated animals, they’ve played an important role in the history of human civilization. Dogs has over the years shaped the development of man’s brain, Human on the other hand also played an important role in the development of Dogs. The close relationship between humans and Dogs made it tagged “Man’s best friend” because they’re loyal, friendly and emotional. 

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Unique facts about dogs

  1.  70% of people sign their pet’s name on greeting and holiday cards
  2. Dogs communicate through tail signs
  3. Dogs sometimes shares men emotions
  4. Dogs are essentially members of the family
  5. Dog sweat, through their sweat glands  located around their foot pad
  6. Dog saliva contains chemical with antibacterial properties which could be useful for cleaning and healing superficial wounds
  7. Dogs are able to smell week-old human fingerprints.
  8. Research has shown that Dogs can detect various ailments from human
  9. Dogs can see in the dark
  10. Dogs are as smart as a 2 year old baby
  11. Dogs can help you get a date 

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