Business charity Christmas eCard that makes a difference

Personalised business Christmas eCard

Do something radically different with your business Christmas holiday greetings communications this year; send a personalised charity Christmas eCard instead of  traditional Christmas cards.

Our custom business christmas greetings eCard comes with personalisation that  enhance your brand. Upload your own branded artwork or personalise one of our existing eCards, to create an unique, affordable christmas eCard you can send to your customers, staff or suppliers.

You can apply this personalisation to either a static, animated or video Christmas eCard.

Business Christmas eCard reduces CO2

Sending your christmas greetings to clients, customers and staff using paper based ecard, which is then sent through the postal service potentially has a huge CO2 footprint. Sending your Christmas greetings on our eCard platform can reduce your Christmas greetings CO2 footprint significantly.  More information about how sending a Christmas eCard compares with sending an eCard here.

Business charity christmas eCard : positive tick for your ESG ✔️

When you send our personalised business charity Christmas greetings eCard, you enhance your brand through the personalisation. Your donation payment goes to Hope Spring water poverty alleviation charity.  Working with charities and social enterprises is a sure sign of your organisation’s social awareness and a positive pick on your ESG strategy as a whole.

Business charity Christmas eCard you control

The nature of eCard in particular and sending a business charity christmas ecard meant you are in complete control of your Christmas business christmas greetings. Once you approve the personalised business Christmas eCard, you can send it via your own internal mailing system or send it through our platform. If you choose to send it through our platform, you can get a detailed delivery report. Keeping you in control of communication.

Business Christmas eCards : Save time and money

If you provide your own branded artwork or choose one of our eCards or video cards, the Christmas postal deadline does not apply to your business. Just upload your artwork and we will do the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Charity Christmas eCards

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    What size business are your charity business ecards designed for?

    Businesses of various sizes have used our business eCards. We give organisations the option to send it through their internal mailing system or use our platform.

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    Are you eCard for a particular business sector?

    We have customised and sent Christmas eCards for businesses of all sizes, in different sectors.

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    Why should I send Christmas eCards not paper greeting cards?

    Sending eCard has been shown to be more environmentally friendly than paper cards through the post.

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    Are you able to personalise a Christmas video eCard for my business?

    Yes, we can customise and personalise a Christmas video eCard of your choice.

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    Can you customise an animated Christmas eCard for my company?

    Yes, we can personalise an animated eCard with your company logo.

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    How do you charge for your business Christmas eCards?

    We are a charity, we accept donations for sending your business christmas eCards. We can send you details of the donation on request.

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    Do you provide tracking for eCards sent on your platform?

    We are able to inform you about the eCards that bounced

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    Can I send the business Christmas eCards with our internal mailing system?

    Yes you can. You can either send the cards yourself or we can send them for you.

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    When is the deadline for sending a Christmas eCard?

    We like to get all our business greetings sent out by the 23rd of December.

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    Can you send my business Christmas eCard via WhatsApp?

    We are not able to send business Christmas cards by WhatsApp yet. Our WhatsApp eCards are for personal greetings only.

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