One of the most popular Christmas video ecards in the last few Christmases, are Christmas video ecards starring you! Well, you are the start of the video ecard, but the rest of the video tends to be made of the body of other people. For example, if you have always wanted to be able to dance like Lady Gaga, you can have a video of Lady Gaga dancing, with your face, super imposed on where Lady Gaga’s face was.  The video is ready to be sent to your friends and family, who will see your face on the body of lady Gaga.

This type of video is very popular during Christmas. Which is the time of the year we allow ourselves to jolly. If you are new to video ecard starring you this is what it’s about. If you are not familiar with video ecard starring you, this is a video ecard starring some African children.

Recently many people prefer to send a video ecard that would either stare them, their friends and family. It’s fun and also put a smile on your face and those that receive the card

Over the years, eCards have become increasingly popular in recent times as they offer a faster and more convenient way of sending greetings while also having a relatively low impact on the environment compared to traditional cards. However, getting the best ecards that do not compromise the intended message can be sometimes difficult. This is where Hope Spring eCards have been able to make a lot of difference in recent times, a claim that has been substantiated with their newly introduced Father’s day ecards.

“If you send a Hope Spring ecard father’s Christmas ecard to your loved ones, it will demonstrate how thoughtful and how you care about the climate and your stance in making the world a better place.  

Video eCards are now the most popular ecard on Hope Spring eCard platform

When Hope Spring eCard started, we only had static ecards. In late 2019, we added video ecards to our platform to increase the variety of eCards people can send on our eCard site.

Christmas holiday is a period when most people send gifts and cards to their loved ones to put a smile on their face. Having realised that Christmas eCard is the most popular and our main fundraiser, with Hope Spring site visitors and supporters. 

A lot of work has been put into ensuring that our supporters and website visitors are happy. Aside from sending a static ecard, they can also send Christmas video ecards. Everyone who sends an ecard on Hope Spring ecard site can have fun while they send their favourite video ecard starring them.

5 Fun Christmas video eCards you can try in 2020

There is no end to the fun you can have with a Christmas ecard starring you. Here are five quick suggestions:

  • Hope Spring eCard Christmas holiday greetings video: Hope Spring has varieties video Christmas ecards You can stare in. which allows you to put the photograph of people’s head on dancing elves. Upload the photograph of those you want to stare in your video, the site creates your video which you can send to your friends and families instantly or schedule it to be sent later. You can also send a business christmas ecard and business employee Christmas ecards up to 5,000 recipients.
  • Jibjab: This site has several Christmas customisable video ecard you can stare at in 2020. Just a few of their cards are free, you need to a paid Jibjab users to have access to send most of their videos.
  • Rattlebox: This ecard site is popular for humorous video ecards. They have customisable Christmas ecard you can send to your loved ones and put a smile on their faces. is another site where you can get some videos to stare in.
  •  Hallmark eCard: This site has Christmas videos you can customise and send via email or social media. however, you need to subscribe to have access to send these videos.
  • Elf Yourself: This site has a Christmas ecard you can stare in, you’ll have to put your photography, choose the music and dancing style you would love for your video, create your video and send.

Steps to send a Christmas card staring you

  • Visit Hope Spring ecards: Hope Spring charity eCards will love to make many people happy in 2020 Christmas holiday and also ensure that people have fun during this festive season while engaging their family and friends with a Christmas ecard starring you with no stamp need.
  • Select your favourite Christmas video among the varieties of Hope Spring Christmas holiday and video ecards starring you. These videos include hilarious, lovely, and beautiful Christmas videos that you can feature in
  • Choose your cast size: You can stare more than one cast in your Christmas videos. Probably you want to put a smile on the faces of your friends, you can stare them in your videos by choosing one of the funny Christmas video ecard. Once you select a picture, it automatically scans your face and that of others you’ll love to stare in the video. 
  • Select make an ecard: Once you select make an ecard, then you can view your Christmas video starring you. The sound plays your favourite Christmas songs and the body dances while your face or that of others you stare make the facial expressions. It really fun and hilarious
  • Choose your favourite image you would love for a face photo: Christmas video starring you requires you to choose an image you would love for a face photo. You can select an image from several locations either from your phone or pc gallery, your Facebook image or webcam.once this is selected it automatically find your face and scan your face including faces of others in the image
  • It finds your face, you can decide to keep it or edit the face: You are asked to proceed to the next stage if you’re okay with your face position on the Christmas video. However, if you’re not happy with the way your face is positioned on the video you can decide to edit your image and insert the face position you would love to have on your Christmas video.
  • Add a message to your Christmas video and share: You can personalise your Christmas video starring you by adding a personal message to your video once this is done, you’ll be asked to make a donation and you can then share your video with your friends and family.

What a Christmas ecard starring you can do

  • Fun and humorous; Seeing your face in a dancing body can put a smile on your face. You can also personalise your video eCard to your own taste.
  • Entertaining and improving gift experience: Sending an old friend or customer Christmas greetings with a video ecard starring them will be well appreciated and can bring traffic to your business.
  • Saves time and Great to pass time: sending a Christmas video ecard starring you can save you a whole lot of time compared to a physical card. It can also save you from boredom during Christmas holiday ecard 
  • Bring back pleasant memories: Starring friends and family can create an unforgettable experience.
  • Improves your impression: Videos being a great way to tell a story can be used to tell a story, educate or compel people to take a particular action. Why not send a holiday video ecard to your loved ones and customers!