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Spread the spirit of Christmas by sending either one of our animated video ecards or choose from our wide range of traditional options. It’s easy and fun!

Witty Snazzy
Charity Christmas Card Illustration of Jesus Mary and Joseph

Charity Christmas eCard Wise Men Worship Jesus

Have a relaxing Christmas charity eCard. Feet in new pair of sock by the fire

Digital Nativity Charity Christmas eCard – Baby Jesue Mary and Joseph

Charity Christmas eCard: Santa Claus

Charity Christmas eCard – Live Christmas trees covered in snow

Christmas trees covered in snow is a completely snowy landscape.

Snow Covered Giant Christmas Trees

Snow Covered Tree

Violins Ecard

Christmas Ecards – Send a Merry Christmas card now!

Send a charity Christmas ecard to your friends, family and work colleagues from the Hope Spring water charity Christmas ecards range. Choose from a range of traditional Christmas seasonal greetings scenes or if you prefer, select an ecard from our slightly wacky Christmas cards range. You will find some of the cards in the wacky Christmas ecards range funny, some of the scenes depict an alternative to the traditional Christmas imagery. Plus a nice video Christmas ecard collection. Whatever your taste in Christmas cards, you are sure to find a Christmas ecard that your family, friends or colleagues will appreciate.

Why send a charity Christmas ecard instead of a traditional Christmas card?

Most people still send paper-based, traditional Christmas cards through the post. A growing number of environment-conscious people choose the greener alternative by sending an ecard. One of the arguments in favour of ecards over paper-based greetings cards is that they have no environmental impact, as no trees are cut down to create them. Stamps and envelopes used in the delivery of paper-based Christmas cards are also made from trees, then add the fossil fuels used by postal delivery vans to get the cards to your door and you have an environmentally unfavourable situation.

Send a Hope Spring Charity Christmas Ecard Now

A Christmas ecard goes straight into the inbox of the recipient, eliminating the need for transportation and of course, no paper is used at all. This makes ecards a lot cheaper than traditional Christmas cards. Ecards are also significantly faster at delivering Christmas greetings, they take seconds to arrive as opposed to the several days traditional Christmas cards take. There are no postal delivery deadlines if you send your Christmas greetings from the Hope Spring Charity ecard platform, you can send your cards on the day and have them arrive immediately.

If you represent a business please check our corporate christmas ecard and business charity Christmas ecards collections.