Christmas ecards or greetings cards – Which is more effective as a seasonal marketing tool?

Sending out ecards (electronic cards) to your customers and contacts, is an efficient way to wish them a happy Christmas and let them know how valuable they are to your business. Ecards are usually sent using email marketing tool, with advance tracking tools. Your will gain a valuable insight into your customer behaviour, when you send out Christmas ecards.

Traditional paper based greetings cards are also effective. Businesses and individuals love to display their Christmas greetings card in a prominent place during the festive seasons. Sending Christmas greetings cards is an effective way to get your brand on the Christmas table at your customers’ office.

Which of these two ways of sending Christmas greeting to your customers and contacts is most effective, we put the question to online marketing experts and professionals. Here are their top tips on how best to market your business with ecards and or paper based greetings cards.


Patrick Coombe

There are some truly revolutionary marketing and ad platforms that are transforming the way advertisers are doing business. There are now ad platforms out there where you can import a retargeting list and hit them up with a personalized greeting card in the US mail! I got one of those personally last week and traced my steps backwards and found the company that did it, forget the name but there are a few.

One thing to watch out for is religion. I personally celebrate religion but for holiday cards stick to “happy holidays” for the most part. Some people call that cowardly, others say its offensive to say “merry christmas” so to each their own.

The best thing to do with eCards for the holidays is to build your list all year long. Don’t wait until the very last minute to make your list, you don’t want to leave important people out.



Tommy Landry

Although Happy Holidays and/or Christmas greeting cards are seen as more traditional communication vehicles, we can lean on some best practices from the old direct marketing days to integrate them over to your online marketing efforts. The best way to initiate an action on behalf of the recipient is to offer them a gift or freebie, as a holiday or Christmas cheer. You can print a short vanity URL right on the card or even imprint a Q/R Code, or do so via an insert that you actually place within the card. When the recipient goes to the landing page, you can then collect additional profile information on them and possibly even close out with an additional offer or promotion on the thank you page.

Online and offline can be complementary if we put on our strategic thinking caps. Holiday and Christmas cards are one of those offline tactics ripe for integration, so try it out this year and see how it goes!


Tom Pick

Christmas cards, generic end-of-year holiday cards, and ecards are a popular way to say “thank you” to clients and to remind prospects you are thinking about them. But they are also very commonly used (perhaps over-used?). To really stand out, send out paper or ecards on the more unusual holidays. January alone includes Trivia Day, National Spaghetti Day, Bubble Bath Day, and International Skeptics Day (not sure I believe that one).

Whichever holiday you choose, be sure to personalize the message. Whenever possible, sign the card with the name of a real individual whom the customer or prospect has had some contact with, whether from sales, marketing, customer success, training, or another department. Choosing an odd holiday can get your card or ecard noticed; personalization makes it memorable.


Temi Odurinde UK Mature Dating Site

If you are keen to boost your business green credentials, ecards are particularly great. Because it is sent electronically, it uses no paper so it is more environment friendly. You can time when you sent ecard to the last day, hours even minutes and seconds, which give you a great control over your marketing You can slip a link to your Christmas sales or special offer page into an ecard, which brings recipients straight to the page you want them to visit.

Christmas ecard is also a great opportunity to update your email database, the customers whose email addresses bounce your ecard can be chased up and up to date email address obtained for them.


Dave Schneider

I think Facebook’s personalized greeting videos are a great tactic to emulate. I mean those videos greeting you on special occasions like a birthday or friend anniversary. Facebook has this template where you get a flashback music animation video showing your pictures in years past that coincide with that occasion.

You know it’s just marketing, but the effect can be emotional when you see memories replayed to you visually like that.

The same attention to personalization goes in the case of sending ecards.

Send an ecard with your customer’s name and, if an image of your customer is not freely provided via your CRM, an animated depiction of you and your team showing appreciation.

Like this one on your page:

Charity Christmas Ecards List

Putting a human face in can always have a warmer effect on the receiver. Add a simple, non-sappy greeting. (No cliches!) If you can inject some light humor (again, no cliches!) the better.

Throw in a discount or a coupon for a new product as a gift.

Any little effort at personalization could have a visceral effect that would make them feel special.


Evgeniy Garkaviy

I discovered this niche only last year when joined one site which allowed me to upload our ecards and get donations. I liked this idea and decided to create own application. But the most difficult part in each online project is marketing. Because if you are not getting quality traffic it does not matter how good your application.

I’m trying to combine both organic and pay per click marketing channels. This niche is quite complicated but our site has already got a dozen of high quality links and for some strong keywords we are already present in Top 10. PPC is also very competitive and we are spending a lot to be shown on the first page of search results. But conversion rate is high too. Last year we launched PPC only a week before Christmas and made a nice profit because of good landing page and quality campaign.


Wade McMaster

Christmas E Cards and Greeting cards are mostly about showing appreciation to the people around you, so I think it’s less about direct promotion and more about letting your audience know you appreciate them and strengthening the connection with them. But in the spirit of gift giving it’s also a nice way to give out a freebie or discount to capitalize on the commercial side of things. They’re definitely a tool for strengthening connections more than anything though!


Eni Odurinde

I recognise the fact that a lot of people are still attached to paper based Christmas cards, after all, one billion cards was sent in the UK in 2016. The cost and benefits of sending ecards massively out weight sending cards, so I will be sending ecards to my contacts and not paper based cards.



When you think of return on your marketing investment, sending out Christmas ecards offers the best value and reach. If budget is not an issue, combination of ecards and traditional paper based Christmas cards offers the best reach for a small business.