Being celebrated  by loved ones, friends or co-workers when you are celebrating a special occasion such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Weddings and other important occasions or when someone touches you with kindness, gives you a gift or offers a warm gesture, kindness, gratitude, support, hospitality, friendship,are all good reasons to say thank-you.

You may just be unable to thank them in person there and then, to show your appreciation, and let them know you care about them and others, a Hope Spring charity ecard may just be the best way to say thank you.  There are many reasons why our thank you ecard is the best way to say thank you. Here are just a few reasons why our ecards are different : with the donation you made with each ecard sent, we provide clean water to a community in desperate need in  Africa.  Every single month, we plant trees to help the environment.

The best reasons of all, why you should send a Hope Spring thank you ecard is that it is fast, it will arrive instantly and we will let the recipient know that you have donated to a good cause.  We have dozens of thank you ecard you can choose from. To get started with sending our charity than you ecard, please visit the thank you ecard page, browse for your preferred ecard. Select one, personalise it and send!

What if the ecard I need to send is not a thank you ecard?

We have more than a dozen ecard categories you can choose from, depending on the occasion. Some Hope Spring eCard categories include our anniversary ecards, birthday ecards, animated ecards, video ecards, we even have a blank ecard category, which is suitable for any occasion. You just need to personalise it with your message, add the recipient’s details and send!  You can also use the search function at the top of our website to find a suitable event or category you need.