Cat Cards

Cartoon Drawing of Cat Ecard

Cartoon Drawing of Cat Ecard

Charity Birthday Ecards – The Cats Collection

Without wishing to stoke the ever simmering, but never ending cats versus dogs as a pet debate. It really appear that all the best people in the world love cats.  (and the not so good people too, Just think of how many villains in a film you have seen with a cat on his/her lap).

The stats at Hope Spring Charity Cards,  seem to suggest that more cat lovers send  ecards than dog lovers. That is why we have created a collection of cats themed birthday e-cards. Our cats birthday ecard collection, was carefully curated, to help you choose, and send a cat powered charity birthday ecard to you cat-mad loved ones.

To get started with sending an ecard from our cats collection. Navigate to your favorite cat picture or graphic, select your favourite, compose a message, make a donation to Hope Spring Charity and send. Your cat ecard will arrive at the recipient inbox in seconds!

Each cat or kitten-themed ecard has the following optional greetings:  Happy Birthday,  I wish you a happy birthday. Thinking of you on your birthday, it is your special day today, happy birthday, no captions.