Blank eCards

Choose a blank ecard, customise it with your own words and send it for any occasion. Blank ecards give you the freedom to say what you want to say, without having pre written words on the card.

Flower ecards

A bunch of open roses

Rose is a flower that needs no introduction. It is the generalist of the flower world. You can send a bunch of roses for almost any occasion including Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversaries to a funeral.
A bunch of open and partly open roses

This bunch of roeses is suitable for any occassion! It tells the receipient that you have style, class and panache! Just personalise the ecard with your own words and voila! you get your greetings across in style.

Watercolor drawing of poppies

This beautiful illustrated poppies in watercolor, is one of the best blank ecard you can send for any occasion. Just add greetings.

Flowers with a landscape background

A field of beautiful flowers, with a mountain and the skype in the background is the perfect blank ecard for someone who loves flowers and the landscape.

Bee on a sunflower

In a sea of yellow flowers, one sunflower with a bee gathering pollen.

Poppy: Sleep, peace, death, remembrance

Red poppies have a poignant, complicated yet important symbolism in the flower world. It is not a coincidence that the Royal British Legion adopted this beautiful flower as mascot and symbol. Picture of the poppy on this page was taken in Much Birch, in the Herefordshire countryside.

People and Animals eCards

All dressed up Jack!

This is the ultimate dog ecard to send. It shows Jack Rusell in a bow tie, glasses and a hat.

There is more to the box that meets the eye

This coquettish ecard says volume without saying anything. Perhaps the present the picture is offering is not confined to the box only.

Hello it’s Jack, I just want to say hello

When a Jack Russell picks up a phone you know that the dog means business.

A romantic Jack Russell

Given how many Jack Ruseel dogs we have on this page, you will start detecting a pattern, we love Jack Russels. We hope you do too. Just add you message to this blank ecard

With my heart and my hands

Couple making a heart shape with their hands.

Abstract and animated eCards

Glittering wrapped present box

Animated boxed present with a red ribbon. The box glitters all over.

Panda with a box

Animated panda trying to open a box. Nice playful blank ecard for any occasion.

Flickering candles and cake

This is a beautiful cake, decorated with multicoloured candles. The candles are animated to flicker gently.

Blank Dreamcatcher

This must be the best ecard to send someone who is pursuing a dream. Just add some words of encouragement to this blank ecard and you could well inspire the person.

Two wise owns dreamcatcher

Another beautiful dreamcatcher, this time in the shape of an owl. The two owls side-by-side look awesome.

Four leaved clover with a rainbow in the background

The best way to use this ecard is apparent for all to see. Just add your message and send it off!

Maneki-neko or the lucky cat

You do not have to be Japanese to to know the symbolism of this cat. Just add a personalised message to the person you are sending this blank ecard to.

Blank eCards: animated and video cards

Select a blank ecard from our collection, personalise it with your own words and send it to your friend, family or colleague. Blank ecards are perfect for sending greetings on any occasion. Some of our blank ecards feature pictures of flora and fauna. Some are abstract art, others are landscape so there is something for everyone in our blank ecard collection.

We have a collection of animated and video ecards for special occasions such as birthdays. Our blank and animated video ecards collection will launch in the summer of 2021. In the meantime you can check out our animated and video ecard pages here.