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Say happy birthday with an ecard. It is faster, fun and environment friendly. Donate the cost of traditional card to water charity.

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Free Birthday Ecards – Send a happy birthday card now!


Send a birthday greeting to a friend, a colleague or other loved one with Hope Spring Ecards.  Sending a birthday ecard, instead of a traditional birthday card is faster, more efficient and fun! You choose a card from our range of free ecards; add a personalised message and click send! The ecard and message arrives instantly.

Sending a birthday card shows you care about the person you are sending the birthday greetings to, and that you care about the environment. Ecard is more environment friendly than traditional birthday cards.

You can donate the cost of sending a traditional birthday card and the cost of stamps to Hope Spring Water.  We work to alleviate water poverty in developing communities in Africa. These three steps shows you how to send a birthday ecard instantly.


How to send a birthday card on Hope Spring ecard platform


  1. Select an ecard from available ecards.
  2. Compose a birthday greeting or message to the recipient.
  3. Choose how much you want to donate to Hope Spring ecards & click send! The ecard will arrive with your message instantly. Hope Spring adds a note to let the recipient know that you have donated the cost of a traditional card and stamps to Hope Spring Water.

Free eCards UK – the number 1 site for sending free eCards in the UK

We are proud to be the best place to send free ecards in the UK. Though we would be happy if you made a donation, but if you are not able to make a donation that is fine. To start sending unlimited ecards free of charge on our platform please take note of the promo code below. Apply it to your ecards when you get to the donation page. Please note that we change our promo code every month.

Free eCards promo code for August 2022 is:AugustFree

Why a promo code before we can send a free ecard?

We introduced the promo code system to reduce abuse of our platform. Please note that the promo code changes every month. Just visit this page to obtain the current promo code.

Free Charity Birthday eCard from Hope Spring Cards UK

We have finally found a way to allow users of our platform who wish to send an eCard without making a donation to do so. You just need to present the coupon code for the month at the check out and you can send a birthday card free of charge.

To reduce spamming, we change the free birthday ecard promo code every month, please be sure to obtain the up-to-date free ecard promo code and you can send a charity birthday ecard free of charge. This service starts on August, 2022. The promo code for August is: AugustFree

What our customers say about our eCards

What I found really awesome about using Hope String eCards platform to send my loved ones greetings and birthday wishes is the feeling that I am not just making my loved ones happy but also some people in developing countries of Africa.
Olajide Abdulraheem

Very beautiful cards! All of them! My family loved! ?
Cristiana Capponi

Great eCard selection, platform is easy to use and I love that my money goes straight to charity to help people in need get clean water! Totally recommend
Annette Green