Bee has been playing the role of pollinator to flowers and plants of all kinds. There are different species of bees although a lot of people hunt them for different reasons however they’ve been an agent of pollination. Hope Spring eCard is delighted to announce the addition of Bees card to their site. This addition gives the opportunity for Bee lovers to send a bee card to their Bee loving friends and family.

Bees are dependent on flowers to grow, the few feathered branched hairs in bees bodies helps in the fertilisation of flowers. When bee forage on flowers, pollen grains stick to these hairs, some of the pollen are then transferred to other plants which makes fertilisation possible. Branched hair is distinctive to the bees; without bees, pollination would have been very difficult.

Bees are unique insects, they are different types of bees however one of the most popular bee species is the honeybee. They are a very small fraction of bees of about 20,000. They are distinguished for the construction of nests from wax and honey production and storage. The common kinds of honey bees are European dark bee, killer bees and Western honey.

Bees play different roles and responsibilities. The queen bee is the only fertile member in the colony and the mother of all other bees. There is only one queen bee in a hive. The worker bees are the female members of the colony, they include about 99% of the entire colony. They do almost every work in the hive i.e cleaning the hive, feeding the baby bee, guarding the colony, building the honeycomb among others. The drone bees are the male bees, their main responsibility is to mate with queen bees from other hives. Drone bees do not have the capability of stinging.

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Facts about bee

  • There are about 20,000 species of bee
  • Worker bee die after 45 days of birth 
  • Drone bee die immediately after mating
  • Only a few bee species sting repeatedly
  • Bee finely breached hair are unique to bees
  • Honey bees eyes has over 6500 separate facets
  • Bees eyes can see the front, side, above and below itself
  • Bee sense of smell is acute than that of any mammals
  • A queen bee lays about 1,500 eggs a day during spring and summer
  • Bees acute sense of smell make communication and location of food easier between hive members
  • Drone bees can live up to 90 days which is twice the life span of worker bee if they do not mate