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Per head, the UK sends more greeting cards than any other country in the world. When you look at our fondness for sending greeting cards, in terms of its effects on the environment, it is not a pretty sight. It is partly due to this consciousness that the Hope Spring eCard platform was created. 

Every little step we take to reduce our carbon footprint can only be a good thing. When you send an eCard, instead of a paper based greeting card, you are contributing in a small way to reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. 

Another reason Hope Spring ecards was created by Temi Odurinde and other Hope Spring volunteers, was to help the charity achieve its objectives of alleviating water poverty. Donations made by the charity supporters and users of the ecard platform goes directly to fund clean water projects.

This ecard platform has raised thousands of pounds, and has provided safe clean water to dozens of communities and hundreds of people in the part of Africa Hope Spring works. You can read more about some of Hope Spring water projects here.


What we do with your donations

Gofor village borehole project - Sierra Leone

100% of the donation made when you send a Hope Spring charity eCard goes into funding our clean water and sanitation projects in West Africa. Because Hope Spring water is a volunteer led organisation, we do not pay salaries, our overheads are extremely low. This helps to ensure that money raised by our eCard platform does exactly what we promised to do with your donations; provide safe, clean drinking water to communities in dire need.

Since the Hope Spring eCards platform went online about four years ago, we have raised thousands of pounds, built wells and boreholes for dozens of communities and positively impacted the lives of thousands of people in West Africa. You can see some of the projects donations to Hope Spring eCard platform helps to build on our projects page.


How to send an eCard on Hope Spring charity’s eCard platform


Choose a category, you can choose from Christmas,  Thank you, funny, corporate eCards and other categories including Easter, Valentine’s day, mother’s day and others.

Select the picture you like best and personalise it with a message to the recipient.

Enter the email addresses of the recipients, make a donation and hit send, your eCard is then on its way to the recipient.

*If you need any additional information about sending eCards on Hope Spring Water’s eCard platform, please visit our FAQ page.