There is always a story behind most of the ecards at Hope Spring eCards. Some of them are inspired by people, others by place or  events. The inspiration behind our latest video ecard is quite different, somehow special. It was inspired by Elgar, the Korat cat.

Elgar is an 8 months old Korat cat, he lives with Peter and Chris Dowsett. Like kittens and young cats, Elgar love’s to play. He is particularly very friendly, and loves sitting on people’s shoulders like a parrot.

On a visit to Elgar’s house in Herefordshire, he climbed on Temi Odurinde and sat on his shoulder.  Picture below shows Elgar and Temi.

You can see some of Hope Spring charity cats ecards here.  We expect Elgar inspired cats video ecard to be online from March 2021.  Our birthday video ecards can be found here.

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