1. Greeting Easter eCard 

Greeting Easter Card

This beautiful design ecard from Greeting ecard. It  has a green background with a dotted design with different colours.It is designed with brightly coloured flowers ranging from purple, pink, yellow, green and blue. At the top of the card an humming bird can be seen tapping from the flower. Happy Easter is written with brown on a baby pink coloured frame. Taking a close look at the ecard. It depicts growth, 

2. Make a Difference eCard

Make a Difference eCard

Easter basket from Make a difference easter ecard is a cool ecard with a basket , eggs and fresh leaves.The stem of the leaves can also be seen. It is an easter ecard that depicts abundance and restoration. At the bottom of the card, Happy Easter is boldly written to send easter greetings to everyone. The most important thing is that this ecard contributes to charity

3. Macmillan eCard

Macmilllan Easter eCard

Macmillan easter ecard is a cancer support ecard. The card has a green background, with an Easter basket filled with different coloured eggs. The basket handle is beautifully designed in a bolt tie kind of way. At the side of each basket two nicely drawn rabbit with white and blue colour can be seen with a sign post, where Happy Easter is boldly written

4. Hope Spring eCard

Hope Spring Easter eCard

This beautiful designed Easter ecard is from Hope Spring Ecard. The card has a brown wooden background and a brightly yellow flower. Beside the basket is a nice coloured petal flower with white and yellow colour can be seen. The card has a basket with a lot of nicely designed eggs in  it. Yellow, red, blue,red, purple and a petal flower. The ecard contributes water project and menstrual hygiene workshop in Africa

5. Greetings Card Easter eCard

Greetings Card Easter eCard

Beautiful easter card from  greeting card UK. It has a black background, a flower vase that has a yellow and white colour. The card has brightly coloured flowers with several colours yellow, blue, white pink Red and many more. A white dotted design can be seen around the flowers which gave the card a more unique look. The flower vase is placed on a white underlay, Happy Easter is written in white colour on the top left cornor of the card

6. Marie Curie Easter eCard

Marie Curie Easter eCard

This Easter card is from Marie Curie. It has a white background with a flower vase coloured blue, a polka dot white design and brown handle. It has a brightly yellow flower and green flowers. The card  has 2 feather-like designs and a happy Easter is boldly written in green colour on the card.

7. Ebay Easter eCard

Ebay Easter eCard

 Religious Easter cross from Ebay.co.uk. The card has a sky blue background, and flowers made into a cross. The ecard is made up of several beautiful coloured flowers pink, white, blue, purple and many more. Taking a close look at the card, 2 butterflies can be seen coloured blue and yellow. It’s a nice religious ecard for Easter.

8. Doodle-doo Easter eCard

Doodle-doo Easter eCard

This brightly coloured Easter egg design is from doodle- doo cards. The ecard design comprises of brightly coloured Easter eggs and flowers. Some egg designs look cracked while others do not. The card is unique in its design because it’s a mixture of colourful eggs and brightly designed flowers.

9. RSPCA Easter eCard

RSPCA Easter eCard

Easter card from RSPCA. Brightly designed sky can be seen in the card, with the sun shining. It has a basket with colourful Easter eggs inside the basket. A white rabbit can also be seen in the basket with a v shaped design above the basket. Green grasses can also be seen below the basket. The  ecard is used to cater for animals.

10. St Christopher’s Hospice Easter eCard

St Christopher’s Hospice eCard

St Christopher hospice Easter ecard, The card has 3 chicken teddies with orange peaks and designs on their neck. Happy Eater is written on a purple background. The three chicken toys represents three beautiful pets that express Easter greetings to a loved one