1. Marie Curie Birthday eCard

Marie Curie Birthday eCard

This colourful birthday tea ecard is from Marie Curie. It has a lot of great designs featuring beautiful illustrations. A nice yellow kettle, black and pink mug with a spoon. Just as the name of the card, Birthday tea is available to drink. Three bowls of different flavoured ice cream can be seen on the card with a strawberry.

There are several colourful flowers on the card with butterflies having fun in the garden. At the top of the card, a bird is flying. This birthday ecard appreciates nature and plants. The ecard makes you imagine yourself in a world with colourful and bright flowers and animals. The charity birthday ecard paints a clear picture of nature and how the world should be.

2. Making a Difference
Birthday eCard

Making a Difference Birthday eCard

Birthday Sample from making a difference birthday ecard. A cool ecard with a blue background, a mixture of different colourful flowers and several bees enjoying the flowers. On the card, you can see the bees having fun without any disturbance. No one is there to steal honey from the bees.

This ecard appreciates nature and animals. It also paints a picture of saving the bees, leaving them to enjoy nature without hunting them.

3. Whistle Fish Birthday

Whistlefish Birthday eCard

This card is a design from a whistle fish charity birthday ecard. The card is designed with cool and colourful flowers. Two glasses of wine cups with the tip of orange flavour can be seen. Cheers to a happy birthday and many good wishes.

Touches of designs that make the ecard colourful. Happy birthday to you is written on the card with gold colour purely unique in its look.

4. Hope Spring eCard

Hope Spring Birthday eCard

This hand-drawn Hope Spring ecard has a white background and happy birthday boldly written on the card in red colour. There’s a red flower in between the lower letters with some dotted designs which beautify the card more.

Just like the common saying, you can’t go wrong sending flowers because it shows you care and makes your loved ones smile. This simple card sends a happy birthday greeting with a flower.

You can also find some beautiful birthday ecards or video birthday ecards here.


5. Card Mint Birthday eCard

Ecard Mint Birthday eCard

This card is a simple charity birthday ecard from ecard mint. It has a green background with two yellow cards. Happy birthday is boldly written on the card, with three different colours. Also, on the card, 5 stars design can be seen which beautify the card more.

The birthday ecard shows a fun game which depicts that the birthday should be filled with fun. The card can be sent making a charitable donation to a worthy cause

6. Red Bubble Birthday eCard

Red Bubble Birthday eCard

This hand-drawn card is mixed with a small painted design below each writing. The card asks a question if the birthday is as lit as Joyce Byers’ house. It’s a way of asking the celebrant a Happy birthday asking if the birthday is fun, enjoyable and beautiful.

7. Charity Gift Certificate eCard

Charity Gift Birthday eCard


Charity Gift Certificate birthday ecard. This is an ecard with a beautiful and bright yellow coloured background. Happy birthday is boldly written on the card.

On the card, a palm tree can be seen with really healthy green leaves at the top. Also, the birthday ecard shows green grasses. Taking a close look at the card, it depicts a birthday filled with brightness, life and health.

8. Macmillian Birthday eCard

Macmillian Birthday ecard

Macmillian birthday ecard gives a full description of what a birthday celebration should be. The image is on a blue background and a white twinkling star, which gave it a touch of glitters.which is indeed perfect for the image.

A beautiful two-step cake with different colours white, brown with blue and white candle lights. The birthday celebrant makes a wish and then puts off the candlelight, with the hope the wish comes true. There’s a bold inscription:’Happy birthday to you’’. It is written in purple and white with two balloons.

9. Alzheimer Birthday eCard

Alzheimer’s Birthday ecard

Birthday Party ecard from Alzheimer ecards illustrates a family birthday party. Where the father, mother and children all come together to celebrate the birthday celebrant. While singing a Happy birthday song for the celebrant. The card graphic is beautifully designed with a touch of many colours.

A brightly coloured red table and a cake designed with a touch of beautiful colours and candle lights. Aside from the birthday wish from the celebrant, the family also offered a lot of wishes and blessings to the celebrant for the new year. This card paint a beautiful image of a family birthday party

10. Charity Birthday eCard

Charity Birthday ecards

Happy birthday to you an ecard from charity ecard is a well designed graphic work with a mixture of colours which made it unique. It has a black background, with a happy birthday to you boldly written in capital letter. It’s written in yellow, brown, green, blue, purple-pink e.t.c. It also has a touch of stars to design the card